Heat Treatments

Heat is the achilles heel of the bed bug and we have several ways to utilitze heat to kill bugs and their eggs.

We can heat treat your entire home or apartment, just a single room, or just your furniture and belongings, whatever makes the most sense for you and your budget.

Whole home heat treatment

  • Your furniture and belongings stay in place and we heat your whole home, or just the infested rooms, and everything in it. The heat penetrates inside the mattresses and couches, even under the baseboards and the carpets. Everything gets hot enough for long enough to eliminate the entire infestation, including the eggs.
  • Whole home treatments take all day (6-8 hours or longer) and use industrial heaters and fans to move the air and force the heat into every crack and crevice the bugs are hiding in.

Moving truck heat treatment

  • A great option for people about to move or who just need to get the bugs out of a particular piece of furniture.  Move your furniture and belongings out to the moving truck or storage pod, we heat treat everything inside, and you move or unpack your bed bug free belongings - simple and effective.  
  • This option typically takes 4 hours, is less expensive than whole home heating, and much cheaper (and environmentally friendly) than throwing out all of your furniture and replacing it again.

Packtite Rental

  • Rent one of our Pack-tite Closet units and heat treat your handbags, backpacks, shoes, books, laptops and any other small item that can't go in the dryer.  We deliver the unit, instruct you how to operate it, and pick it up when you are done! The least expensive way to use heat to kill bed bugs.
Many people also combine moving truck treatment or a pack-tite rental with our traditional treatments to the rest of their home.

Heat treatments for bed bugs are the best option for complete bed bug eradication in the room, the structure and the furniture.  Call or email us now and our friendly experts will help come up with the best option for you.

We Solve Bed Bug Problems with Heat!

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