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February 03, 2012 Latest Updates by Brett Johnston

Introducing the Bed Bug Biosphere!

We love bed bugs so much we decided to invite them into our home.  Well, actually we made them their own home inside an acquarium - they have a bed, side tables, couch and a coffee table.  We put the furniture in, then we dumped the bugs (several dozen of them including eggs and all stages of nymph and adults, as well as some cast skins and dead bugs) into the middle of the habitat.  Within ten minutes the bed bugs had already moved into the furniture. 

The really cool thing is where they moved to - they colonized the same areas in the toy furniture that they would in real life.  They were under the bottom of the dresser, in the post legs of the bed, and inside the folds of the back of the couch.  So why is that interesting?  Because there is no host present - no one sleeps in that bed or watches movies for hours on the couch yet the bugs still went into those spots.  The other interesting thing is that at 10:30 pm last night (the first night in their new habitat) they became very active - they came out of their harbourage and were running around very quickly - again, with no host present inside the acquarium or even in the room (the acquarium is in our office). 

Stay tuned for pictures of the habitat plus videos of feeding time!

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