Bed Bugs Found in Libraries

November 07, 2011 Latest Updates by Brett Johnston

Bed Bugs are in the news again - this time they are making headlines by being found in Metro Vancouver libraries.

Bed bugs in libraries are not new - there have been reports in libraries for years. Usually the bugs are found dead but some have definatley been alive.

Why are they there?  Books get checked out by lots of people and are often kept near bedsides - a favorite place of bed bugs, of course. The book is returned with bed bugs inside.  The next person checks it out, and now the bed bug is in a new home and with new hosts.

What should you do to protect yourself?

Should you sit in the middle of a well-lit room on a hard plastic chair in the middle of the day to do your reading? No, you don't need to take it that far. But you should inspect everything you plan to check out from the library. Look carefully, especially in and around the spine of the book for the live bugs, cast skins or their feces. Also, you can store the books in large ziploc bags (they can't chew through this) when you are not actively reading them. Don't leave the books on or near your bed (unless in a ziploc of course).

Heat treatments for books can also be done using the PackTite Closet. If you have a collection of books at home that have bed bugs or if you check out many books from the library regularly, this type of heat treatment may be an option for you.


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